Our committee members are:

• Coordinator: Richard Jacques
• Secretary: Nick Senior
• Treasurer: Negar Ashrafi
• Events Manager: We are currently advertising to fill this position
• Community Outreach Lead: Angela Howard
• Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead: Daniel Northover
• Apostasy Support Lead: Harry Aydin



The name of this branch of Humanists UK is Liverpool Humanists.

1. Functions

This Branch commits itself to pursuing the aims of Humanists UK in the area of the Liverpool City Region.

2. Members and Supporters

All Humanists UK members in the Liverpool City Region are members of the branch and all Humanists UK supporters in the Liverpool City Region are supporters of the branch.

3. Annual General Meeting

This group will give written or electronic notice and convene an Annual General Meeting of members.  The date of the AGM will normally be no more than 1 month after the end of Humanists UK’s financial year so that members can examine the accounts.

The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include the election of officers and other committee members (if any) and adoption of the annual Report of Activities & Statement of Income and Expenditure

Following the meeting this group will forward an annual report and accounts to the Humanists UK office.

4. Executive committee 

At minimum, the executive committee of the group will consist of the following elected “officers”:

  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Officers will be elected by members of the group at its AGM.  They will hold office from that date until the date of the next AGM, when they will be eligible to stand for re-election. Officers are eligible to stand for re-election for a maximum of four consecutive years, after which they must relinquish that position for a minimum of two years.

This group may also elect or co-opt additional officers at this meeting.

All officers of the group must be Members of Humanists UK

The executive committee shall be responsible for the conduct and work of the group.

The names, addresses and contact details of the officers shall be provided to Humanists UK within 1 week of their election.

5. Communication with Humanists UK

The branch will communicate with the Humanists UK staff ensuring that it:

  • provides information on its activities, income and expenditure on a quarterly basis;
  • informs Humanists UK in advance of any planned activities which may fall outside those risks covered by Humanists UK public liability insurance

6. Branch Funds

Branch Officers may gain access to their funds in the following ways.

  • For amounts of below £250, Branch Officers can spend the money with no prior authority and then claim it back by submitting an expenses form.
  • To spend amounts above £250 the Honorary Treasurer must first approve the spend and request the money in advance from Humanists UK by email with the Director of Community Services.

At all times the Honorary Treasurer is responsible for the overall management of the Branch Funds, their appropriate use, and for accounting for the all funds held. However, it is to be assumed that branches will have access to the money in their account for the activities they conduct in as smooth and reliable a manner possible.

7. Termination

This group will terminate its activities and existence in any of the following circumstances:

  • It has fewer than six members of Humanists UK for more than twelve months.
  • It is judged to be placing Humanists UK at reputational risk by the Board of Trustees of Humanists UK.
  • It does not hold at least one event open to the public in any twelve-month period.
  • It fails to appoint the officers required by this constitution.

On termination of the group any remaining group funds shall be released into the general fund of Humanists UK.