One of the most significant changes to the UK in recent times has been the dramatic growth of the non-religious, who now represent 53% of British adults. This means our services must cater for an ever-growing, increasingly diverse non-religious population. 

These are seismic shifts that change how we go about our work. Larger and larger numbers of non-religious people today have never been religious and don’t come from a religious family. We are redoubling our efforts to explain humanist values and the humanist approach to life to this audience – confidently, on its own terms – as well as widening the reach of Humanist Ceremonies and our pastoral support in hospitals and prisons. 

At the same time, we’ll be increasing our direct support for segments of the non-religious whose lives are adversely affected by religions, like so-called ‘apostates’, humanist asylum seekers, and families affected by religious schools.

Read the new strategy here:

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