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Chair: Nick Senior

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Although a lifelong humanist, it was only when he found Defence Humanists that Nick realised that ‘humanism’ was actually a thing! He went on to join Peterborough Humanists, before returning to Merseyside and civilian life.

Nick has found Liverpool Humanists to be a welcoming, inclusive and sociable group, with a nice balance of ‘work and play’. He enjoys the inspiring public talks, performances and workshops as much as our informal meet-ups that enable like-minded humans (and occasional animals) to just get together, relax and chat. Nick’s vision for the branch is to broaden diversity, develop organically under the guidance of its members, and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with Humanists UK. He’d also like us to become known as a source of support for the nonreligious community of the Liverpool City Region.

Secretary & Social Media Lead: Sebastian Gahan


Sebastian says that he has always been a Humanist but didn’t fully realise this until recent years. 

He is a passionate member of various social movements for change and joined our committee wanting to use his skills to help network and make the ideas behind Humanism more common knowledge – most importantly, to promote the positive and inclusive thing he knows it to be. 

Sebastian wants to use his already established network and experience to enhance the digital capabilities of Liverpool Humanists and inspire the wider community to get involved. Gatherings of Humanists have changed the world and will continue to, even in the digital realm.

Treasurer: Charlotte Woodworth

Charlotte is an AAT qualified Accountant, who volunteered as Treasurer for Liverpool Humanists because she wanted to use her skills to support the local Humanist movement and the Humanist UK national charity. 

Charlotte’s hope for Liverpool Humanists is that it becomes a busy branch: providing a support network for non-religious people in the Merseyside region, and helping to raise awareness of Humanists UK campaigns such as ending conversion therapy and ending discriminatory access to education. 

Vice Chair: Negar Ashraafi 

Negar is a feminist and human rights activist. As a teacher, she has always tried to teach her students to stand up for their rights – as well as others’ – and to protect each other wherever justice and truth are denied.   

She joined Liverpool Humanists in 2019, when she was looking for a group of non-religious, like-minded people, and she says she feels honoured to have been a part of this wonderful community ever since.

Young Humanists Ambassador: Jenny Goldman


Jenny is a third year Mathematics student at the University of Liverpool. As Young Humanists Ambassador on our committee she locally represents the 18-35 section of Humanists UK, arranging Young Humanists social events in Liverpool. Since December 2018, she has also become president of the University of Liverpool Humanist Society. This is a new venture at the university to represent non-religious and humanist students on campus and to share humanist ideas. 

Jenny has been committed to supporting the work of Humanists UK since she first learned what the word ‘Humanism’ meant.  In the future she hopes to involve more young people in humanist campaigns and educate people like herself who weren’t taught about this world view at school.

Diversity Lead: Daniel Northover


Daniel became an active Humanist on moving to Liverpool from London four years ago. He is involved in community projects and is a Project Manager and Life Coach. He has also recently trained as a non-religious pastoral carer.

Daniel feels very strongly about community engagement and inclusivity and intends to encourage access to Humanism to all and the building of a diverse Humanist Group.

Apostate Support Lead: Hamed Khoshi

Hamed is an Ex-Muslim and says he left religion because it was making him suffer. He made the decision to continue his life without religion or a belief in God and became a humanist. He says he feels this group is like family and he likes to be able to share his life experience with other members. His goal is to bring awareness of this group to more ex-religious people so that we can help each other.  

Community Lead: 

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Events Lead:

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