24th April 2019,
Quakers Meeting House, Liverpool 7.00 -8.45 pm

Chair: Nick Senior
Treasurer: Sheila Campbell
Vice Chair: Sophie Colligan
Secretary: John Storey
Committee Member: Stephanie Thompson
Social Media Lead: Seb Gahan
Young Humanists Ambassador: Jenny Goldman

+5 Liverpool Humanists members


  1. Welcome – Chair/Vice Chair

2. Chair Report

3. Treasurer report

4. Introduction to Committee

5. Plans for the future

6. A.O.B.

1 and 2. Welcome and Chair Review Of The Year

Sophie, the outgoing chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting, introduced the new committee, and gave her review of the year. See attached speech
During the review, Sophie also managed to appoint Daniel Northover as Liverpool Humanists Diversity Lead!

Nick, the incoming chair, was welcomed by Sophie. He thanked her for her amazing energy and commitment in getting the new Branch up and running, and pledged to try and continue where she left off.

3. Treasurers Report

Sheila’s speech can be found at:

4. Introductions To Committee

John Storey (Secretary), Sebastian Gahan (Social Media Lead) and Stephanie Thompson (Community
Lead) all introduced themselves.

5. Plans For The Future

a) Anti Racism – the group is keen to both improve diversity, and also be proactively anti-racist. For
example, having a humanist presence at future anti racist events in Liverpool.
b) One Life Course – the branch is looking to set this up later in the year.
c) Pastoral Care – the branch is currently working with Humanists UK on further developing the
safeguarding policy. When this is complete, the branch is eager to develop pastoral care initiatives,
such as street pastoral care. This will require branch volunteers being trained in safeguarding.
d) Apostate Support – Humanists UK currently has a basic procedure which we follow. It is
anticipated that this will evolve and improve.
e) Social Media policy to be agreed.

6. A.O.B

a) Is it possible to set up a Hardship Fund for asylum seekers to access future events?
b) More volunteers.
c) School visits.
d) Speakers ideas eg Phil Scraton, Rob Hopkins. Potential for audio/video recording for members who
can’t attend.
e) Better publicity for the group – particularly among apostates – as an example, Hamed took 20 days
to find us.

John Storey
Branch Secretary

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