Dr Ruth Wareham’s role at Humanists UK involves campaigning for an end to state religious schools and religious discrimination for admissions to faith schools. Ruth has already helped to introduce a bill in the Lords to replace compulsory Christian worship with ‘inclusive assemblies’ and the introduction of compulsory relationships and sex education for all pupils in England and Wales.

At Humanists UK, we believe that children should be given the freedom to form their own beliefs and discover their own sense of meaning and purpose, without the imposition of any religion. At a time when our society is more divided than ever, it is vital that children from different backgrounds learn with, from, and about one another in open and inclusive schools, with equally open and inclusive curriculums. 

But the UK Government is determined not only to increase the number of religious schools, but to establish even more that are 100% religiously selective in their admissions ?

Funds need to be found for Ruth’s £40,000pa salary: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nofaithschools

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