The link below is to a page in the BBC Bitesize Religion module on Non-religious Views:,fact%20that%20they%20are%20human.&text=Singer%20therefore%20fights%20for%20animal%20rights%20and%20promotes%20veganism%20.

During the week of our online talk on Compassion in World Farming, you may be interested to read the views of humanist philosopher Peter Singer on Speciesism – the practice of privileging humans over other animals. For Singer, the requirement of reason to universalise our moral judgements does not stop at the boundary of our own species; if my own suffering is to be avoided, then so is the suffering of all who can suffer, including non-human animals.

The worldview of sentientism goes beyond humanism by extending compassion to non-human animals, as well as to any potential artificial or alien sentient beings.

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